MIDTOWN SOLO This location was chosen to be an extension of the current capital, it extends Cairo’s east between the way of ‘’ Cairo- Suez,
‘’and’’ Cairo – al Ain sukhna ‘’, east of the regional ring road, 45 km from the center of Cairo, 80 kilometers near the city of
Suez , also near the red sea , which gives it a logistical advantage and strategic benefits , as it is expected to accommodate
about seven million and adjusted capital area as well.
However the new area of the state of Singapore which is approximately four times the Washington, DC,. Is an area of
170.000 acres. Capital Cairo will set a new design standard for the capital of the capital a sustainable and manufactured strategic
, new urban center, that stimulates build a national spirit , enhance compatibility , and provide long-term growth of
the country therefore this would ensure the survival of the cairn capital for upcoming generations , to be a new capital


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Balcony Covered Parking Maid Service Maids Room Private Garden Private Gym Private Pool Security Shared Gym Shared Pool Shared Spa


يقع مشروع ميدتاون سولو بيتر هوم بأميز موقع في العاصمة الادارية الجديدة حيث يطل علي محور محمد بن زايد الجنوبي. من جهه الأمام: الحدائق المركزية والنهر الأخضر وبعدها فندق الماسة كابيتال والاوزارات وقاعة المؤتمرات. من جهه اليمين: الأوبرا. من اليسار: الكاتدرائية والمدينة الطبيعة وأرض المعارض. من الخلف: الحي الدبلوماسي الخاص بالسفارات الدولية

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