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* “Pyramids Developments” that own “La Capitale “ Compound with 13 ACRES *Located at prime location in one of capital exclusive neighborhood * Located in the heart R7 in new capital beside el masa hotel *10 MIN from Mohamed bin zaied road *10 MIN from Government zone *15 MIN from 90 Street *30min away from International airport *30MIN from nasr city * Easily accessible from regional ring road *easily way to suaz road and sokhna road *nearest of grean rever

About Pyramids:

Since beginning of the company, Pyramids Developme

nts were keen on developing residential buildings
that fulfill the needs of Egyptian households. Now we are working with the best standards and keenness
to fulfill our client`s needs by providing quality residential units with increasing return on their
Also, we are following our vision that aims for distinctiveness, we as – at Pyramids Developments – are
continuously eager to understand the different needs of our customers and offer top – notch real estate

new Capital INFO:

*Green Park Hub Area
* Boulevard Road
* International airport
*Educational HUB with 1500 Educational institute
*Central Park and artificial lakes
*Commercial and Business Hub
* Opera house
* Medical zone
*Government zone
*embassy zone
*Conference and Events zone
*660 Hosbital
*40,000 hotel rooms
*cathedral and mosque
*21 resdential district
* High speed train that will connect it with 6 october + ain sokhna

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